There is strength in you, I can see it

There is a strength in you.  I can see itLast week, I watched one of my favorite movies: Braveheart.

It’s the story of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and their fight for Scottish independence.

Because the English Army is much larger and superior to the Scots, most of the men want to passively accept English rule.  Even though, the English soldiers terrorized and mistreated the people of Scotland for years.  

William Wallace would have none of that.  He was ready to fight for revenge and freedom.  

Wallace and his men cannot win the battle on their own and need help from Robert the Bruce, who has a claim to the Scottish Throne. 

Robert the Bruce is torn between securing freedom for his country or joining the English to easily gain his crown.  

Siding with the enemy comes with the mistreatment of the Scottish people at the hands of the English army.  

William Wallace believes in Robert the Bruce as the rightful king and the only one who can save Scotland.

Check out the scene here:

Buyers and sellers regularly face indecision.  It’s due to the large number of choices to be made and the extreme consequences for making a bad one.  

And I help them the same way William Wallace helped his King.  

  1. Describing the situation until it is clear in your mind with no unanswered questions.  
  2. Showing you the good that comes from your decision.
  3. Believing that you will make a good decision with everything on the table.  

That last part is the most powerful.

Know that I believe in you.  

And don’t ever forget what Wallace said, “You are the rightful leader.  There is strength in you.  I see it.”

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