There are no homes for sale in Nashville

There are no homes for sale in Nashville TNPerhaps you’ve heard this old story.

Many years ago two sales people were sent by their employer, a shoe manufacturer, to remote countries on the other side of the world.  They were supposed to investigate the market potential and report back to their boss at the factory. 

After two months, the first salesperson reports back bad news, “There is no potential market here, no one wears shoes.”

A few days later, the second salesperson reports great news, “There is massive potential here, nobody wears shoes.”

It’s interesting how the same situation can be seen by two people in quite different ways. 

The same thing happens in real estate.

I’ve heard many people recently say that they are working hard at finding a home but feel like they are getting nowhere.  It’s usually because they are going about it the wrong way and are getting stuck in negative thinking. 

I don’t place any blame on buyers (especially those working with agents).  

It’s our job to show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Regardless of the market conditions or the level of competition.

There is always a path to homeownership for someone who has a good plan and a positive attitude.

It might take some time.  It will have some twists and turns.  Boulders to manuver.  Fallen trees to climb over.  Forks in the road that lead to some tough decisions.  In the end, if we stick to a winning game plan and don’t give up, then we will be victorious. 

And for the buyers not working with an agent in this market, it’s hard to take them serious.  Especially, when working with a buyers agent does not cost a penny. 

When I hear them say, “There are no homes for sale in Nashville.”

I raise my eyes up from my half-full glass of water and say, “Twenty three hundred buyers found homes last month in Nashville.  Are you ready to find yours?”

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