The Secret to Saban's Success

It’s not the Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies he eats for breakfast.  [True Story]

Now that Nick Saban has won four championships in seven years and his 100th victory at Alabama, some will argue that he is the greatest college football coach of all-time. 

And he just might be.

The secret to his long-term success comes from his ability to surround himself with the most talented people.  Monte Burke, the author of the book Saban says, “It's his ability to attract talent that really elevates him above his peers…He walks into these recruits living rooms and reels in the mom, reels in the dad and reels in the recruit.”

It’s not just the player talent, but also the coaches.  Nick is a defense guy.  He just lost his top defensive coach, Kirby Smart, to the Georgia Bulldogs as their new head coach.  Kirby was offered many jobs, but wouldn’t leave Alabama until he got the head coaching offer from Georgia.

Nick quickly filled the position with Jeremy Pruitt, the Georgia Defensive Coordinator and former coach at Alabama.  Jeremy has also worked for the Florida State Seminoles.  In addition to developing several NFL defensive backs, he was also ruthless on the recruiting trail. 

Even when he loses, Nick wins.

Like Coach Saban, we want to surround our team with the best players and coaches. 

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