The Secret to Our Success

22 years ago, I made the best decision of my life.  (Happy Anniversary Gretchen!)

Just like everyone else, the path was not always easy for us.

There were twists and turns.  Bumps in the road and streams to cross. 

We occasionally took a wrong turn and had to find our way back home.

There were also moments along the way that made everything worthwhile.

Many days full of laughter and hope, spent together and with friends and family. 

We didn’t always know what we were doing.


We were committed; we held each other’s hand, said I’m sorry, offered forgiveness and never gave up. 

We never stayed mad for long; we said I love you, did our best, worked hard and never gave up.

This is the secret to our success (and happiness).

Why we love working together in real estate.

The reason we are still together after 22 years. 

We never gave up on our relationship. 

We never gave up on each other. 

We never gave up on love. 

We never gave up. 

In the spirit of Love, we want to say thank you to all of our wonderful friends and clients.

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