The price is wrong?

Zillow: The price is wrong I recently read this question on Zillow’s help forum.  

Zillow estimates house $200K more than my agent. Could Zillow be wrong?

Human nature wants us to believe that Zillow is right. So, how do you know who is wrong in these situations?

And what if both are wrong?

Pricing your home properly is one of your biggest concerns when it comes to selling your home.  

You want to do it right so you do not leave any money on the table or have your home languish on the market for months.

You need a way to satisfy these questions for yourself.

Here’s what I suggest to my clients who are concerned about my recommended price.

First, take off your rose colored glasses so you can see your home as others see it.  Due to our emotional attachments, it is easy to see our home in a much better light than others.

Remember, most buyers come with magnifying glasses instead of rose colored ones.  Which tend to make them see little molehills as huge mountains.  

Now that we’ve corrected your vision, it’s time to do some secret shopping.

Next, I would take you to see the other homes for sale in your neighborhood.  Then we would compare them side by side to see the differences of every important aspect of your home.

And if necessary, I will put a value on differences for you.  

Last, we would sit down at look at the recent sales of homes online in your area.  Especially, those with the most pictures.  

These two comparisons help you see if your price has merit and how you fall in line with the current competition.  Both of these are important.  

If you have concerns, I don’t want you to take my word for the pricing.

I’d rather help provide you with the best information available so you can come to your own conclusion.  

If you are considering selling your home in the coming year and you are concerned about the price, then lets schedule some time to look in your neighborhood.  

My direct number is 615-519-0983.

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