The police often question him and not just because they find him interesting

The police often question himSeveral years ago, one of my bank clients foreclosed on a home and asked me to go talk with the occupants.

On my first visit, I met the lady living at the home.  She seemed nervous and upset which I completely understand given the circumstances.  She gave me the information for her boyfriend and asked me to contact him later.

We offered several times to pay them to move out of the home, but the former owner refused to move.

He never really gave me a reason other than saying that he needed a few more weeks.

It did not look like they would be willing to move out on their own, even with some funds for relocation.  So, the bank started an eviction. 

I continued offering them money to move, and at the same time they were getting court summons and visits from the Sheriff warning them what would happen if they did not move. 

Finally, the judge provided a writ of possession and forwarded it to the Sheriff.   A date was set to conduct the eviction and the former owner was given at least 10 days warning. 

We all showed up the morning of the eviction and the occupants seemed very surprised.  They begged for one more day and the sheriff refused. 

The man who lived in the home then handed his girlfriend a suitcase and said that he had packed her bag and she should meet him later at a friend’s house down the street.  She nervously grabbed the bag and started wheeling it down the street. 

The deputies started walking through the house to make sure no one else was inside and the man started backing his car out of the garage.  He was having trouble getting out of the cul de sac due to all of the patrol cars and other vehicles. 

Before he could get out of the driveway, one of the deputies came down and stopped him.  They also yelled to the lady walking down the street to come back.

The man knew what was up and told the officer that his girlfriend knew nothing about it.  When she got back she saw them cuffing her boyfriend and placing him in the back of a patrol car. 

Stunned and furious, the lady yells, “You can’t arrest him.  We’re not like the rest.  We only grow organic.”

So the deputies turned around and asked her to open the luggage.  It was full of the crop that they just harvested that morning and they promptly cuffed her too. 

These folks had a hundred opportunities to pack their bags and walk away with a check in hand.  I don’t understand why they didn’t.

What separates most people in life are the choices they make.

I don’t always talk to the Sheriff, but when I do, I prefer to listen.  Choose wisely my friends and have an amazing weekend!

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