The one thing your agent should be telling you

The one thing your nashville real estate agent should be telling youThis article on Trulia caught my eye.  It was titled, 7 things your real estate agent wants you to know (but will never tell you)

The list contained things like they won’t tell you that all commission is negotiable, that your house is messy, and that you can’t afford this house.  

These all seemed silly when compared to the headline.  The last one mentioned is so absurd because the agent never views your financial information. Financial information is the job of your loan officer.   So, how could they determine affordability if they don’t know your situation. 

For me, the most obvious item wasn’t even on the list and it should have been #1 because this is true for salespeople in general.   

Experienced sales people have insider knowledge in the areas where they work.  

And, if you are excited about purchasing something that may not exactly align with your goals, many people in sales might not point that out.  

They would prefer to not risk losing the sale.  Or they might want to avoid angering people they might have to work with again.

Gretchen and I refuse to operate that way because we hold our clients interests above all else, even our own interests.  This is what we believe, and it is the promise we made to you more than a decade ago. 

And it goes against one of our core principals in real estate: Always protect your downside. 

So when we come across facts, positive or negative, we promise to share those with you so you can make the best decision.  We promise to share the information as soon as possible so we don’t waste your time heading down a dead end road.  

I have to warn you that the first time I do this, you will likely give me some strange looks. Most people are not used to getting this type of advice from their agent.  I’ll probably have to remind you that I’m trying to give you the whole picture so you can make the best decision.   

We believe it’s our job to provide the information that helps you work smart, avoid problems and best achieve your goals. 

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