The Names have been Changed to Protect the Benevolent

The Nashville story you are about to read is true. 

The names have been changed to protect the benevolent.

It started around the end of November.  Every night, on the way home Michael would always ask his Dad these two questions. 

Are we close?

Is anyone behind us?

The neighbor’s lights were the highlight of Michael’s Christmas.  They meant more to him than Santa.

These were no ordinary lights.  They were tractors, pigs and cows.  Farm Animals.

Beautiful lights where a four year old boy found joy and fascination.  

Being a good neighbor, his Dad thought it was best to explain the nightly visits and say thank you with a card. 

A week later, Michael and his Dad, received a card in the mail from the neighbors. 

They were glad Michael liked the lights as much as they did.  The neighbors had been collecting the farm animal lights for many years.  They offered to give Michael an extra set of the three little pigs (lights) and let him say hello to their horses.

Some people call it Southern Hospitality. 

Others say it’s the right thing to do. 

This is how we treat neighbors.  This is Nashville.

If the Nashville lights are brightly shining your way, comment below so we can properly welcome you.

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