The Moneyball Strategy for Nashville Real Estate

This is what happened.

In 2001, the Oakland Athletics were making a run at the big game in October when they let the Yankees come from two games down to beat them in the playoff series.  Their General Manager, Billy Beane was more than disappointed.

The A’s would lose their top three stars to free agency the next year.  Beane was faced with the impossible task of rebuilding a small-market team on a limited budget in less than one year.

While on a visit to Cleveland, Beane had a chance encounter with a young economics graduate from Yale, Peter Brand.  Peter had a radical idea how to value future players by studying their on-base percentage.  His system identified undervalued players who were most likely to succeed. 

Beane put Peter’s theory to the test and became convinced that it will work for the A’s. 

Until this point, scouts and managers relied on the more “sexy” stats like homeruns and batting average to value players.  While this might seem like the obvious thing to do, scoring high in these statistics did not always equal more wins. 

And that’s what everyone wants, More Wins.

Using Peter’s theory, the A’s picks looked more like Bad News Bears than a major league ball club.  Their start was rocky and they had much opposition from those who were used to the old way of doing things.

When everything was looking down, the A’s pulled off a nineteen game winning streak which tied the all-time record for the American league. 

Beane was soon offered a job as the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox with a huge salary. He turned it down to stay with the Oakland Athletics.  Two years later, the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series using the system pioneered by the Beane and Athletics. 

Due to the unparalleled success of this system, it became better known as Moneyball  (e.g. movie and book)

I’m sure you see a lot of stats on the Nashville Real Estate Market.  With our recent successes, they are often quoted in the news and online.  Some cover the whole market, while others are focused on a specific neighborhood. 

How do you know what stats are “Money” for your area and what you should ignore?

Hit reply and let me answer those questions for you.

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