The Latest On The Short Term Rental Ban In Nashville

Nashville's short term rental banHere’s the latest on the battle over short term rental properties in Nashville.  

When I last updated you about six weeks ago, Bill 608, had been deferred until July.  The bill would ban all non-owner occupied short term rentals in residential neighborhoods.

Since that time, Vice Mayor Briley, formed an ad hoc committee of the Metro Council to further study this issue.  We need to commend Briley for his leadership on this issue, and for his efforts to bring people together to solve the problem.  

The ad hoc committee started meeting last week, and they are committed to weekly meeting in an effort to bring closure quickly to this controversial issue.  

As part of this effort, the sponsor of Bill 608 has decided to defer the third and final vote on his bill until September.  

While September seems so far away, in government time, that’s like next week.  

My hope is that the committee can work with the short term rental sites and the citizens of Nashville to come up with a solution that makes everyone happy.  

While making everyone happy is best, that usually does not work.  So. I expect that they will come to an agreement that is practical, supports the rights of homeowners and respects the peace of the neighbors.  

Nothing earth shattering came out of the first meeting, and I’ll let you know if anything does in the subsequent ones.

In the meantime, I expect to report back to you in August.

If you have anything that you would like me to share with the Metro Council or members of the committee, hit reply and fire away.

I promise to make sure your voice is heard.  

If you want more background on this issue, here’s the latest from WZTV in Nashville:

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