The fate of "Nashville" is up in the air

NashvilleI am not talking about the city of Nashville, but the hit show on ABC that was recently cancelled.

The city of Nashville was already a popular tourist designation, but the show helped put us over the top.

The show was like an hour long commercial for our city that was playing for an hour each week on Prime Time TV. You just can't buy exposure like that. ??Butch Spyridon, President of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp., said, "It's hard to put a financial on it, just because it's so broad, so big and it really has been significant. The show "Nashville" airs in almost 100 countries: It would take my budget for the next 10 years to run our commercial every week in 100 countries."

Yes, that's right this show is playing in syndication in over 100 countries around the world today. It is especially popular in Japan and England.

I'm not big on the soap opera quality of the show, but I loved the way it captured the creative spirit of the music scene that drives this town.

In essence, this show helped build a community of people that were interested in visiting, investing and living in our wonderful city.??

And that's what we try to do everyday at

We want to share our love of Nashville with the world and help those who want to be a part of this growing community. [Without the typical prime-time drama.]

If that sounds like you, give us a few minutes of your time and we'll introduce you to Music City.

Don't blame us if you fall in love.???

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