The day they gave me the Big Orange Screw

The day they gave me the big orange screwMy daughter graduates from high school tomorrow and, it got me thinking about my graduation from the University of Tennessee. 

Back then, the record keeping at the UT Police Department was less than stellar.  These issues soon became the problem of the students, and it became known as the “Big Orange Screw.”

I heard about these problems and never experienced them, until graduation day.  

When you cross the stage, they typically give you a blank piece of paper.  You have to pick up your degree later.  After the ceremony, I headed straight for the line to get my degree.   

When I opened it, there was no degree.  Only a release form for outstanding parking tickets.

I knew that I did not have any outstanding tickets so I walked straight to the UT Police Office.

The officer is his best “Boss Hogg” voice said, “I’m sorry son, but I can’t sign that there form because you have nothin’ outstandin’.”

I walked back to the arena muttering under my breath, “The Big Orange Screw.”

Back in line, the same lady greeted me with a smile, until I told her my story.  She said there was nothing that she could do to give me my degree.   

I’m not easily defeated and I wasn’t about to walk back to the police.  So, I asked her to call Officer Hogg and straighten this out.  

This was in the days before cell phones, so it was a long shot at best.  I waited in the room for what seemed like forever and she finally returned with my degree in hand.  

Where so many others failed, I was victorious.  And nothing in this world was going to stop me.

For all the graduates out there today, this is my best advice for you today.   The world is not fair, so don’t let anything stand in your way. 

For all the Mom’s in the world, this weekend is for you.  We hope you have a good one!

If you have a great graduation story, Hit reply and tell it to me.

Talk to you Monday!

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