The conversation that prevents self inflicted agony

The conversation that prevents self inflicted agony in Real EstateThis is what happened.

A first time home buyer placed an offer on a house that was being sold to settle an estate.  The next day the buyer was told that there was more than one offer on the home and that the seller was asking for their highest and best offer.  The buyers submitted their best offer and then waited for the seller to respond. 

The following day, the buyer reached out to their agent to check on the status of their offer.  The buyer’s agent reported that the listing agent and seller will be going over the offers soon.  The buyer’s agent verbalized her frustration with the process and said the process was dragging out a bit. 

On the third day, the buyer nervously awaited for the seller’s response.  The buyer’s agent said that, “this was not normal, and she doesn’t understand why someone isn’t helping the listing agent while they are on vacation.”

The frustrated buyer can’t wait any longer.  She dives into the internet and reads some of the horror stories of other home buyers.  She wonders to herself, “Is there any legitimate reason this would take so long?”

I completely understand where this buyer is coming from.  Not knowing causes you to jump to conclusions and create anxiety.  Her feelings of disappointment and frustration are 100% valid.

The sad part about the whole story is that it could have been prevented. 

The key to the mystery is in the first sentence.  The home is being sold to settle an estate. 

This usually means that several family members have to agree on the terms of the sale.  Also, the executor of the estate has to agree this is the best price they can get for the asset.  These type of sales are complicated and do not happen overnight.

The same is true for foreclosures, bank-owned homes, divorce sales and any other sale that is not traditional. 

A simple conversation would have saved this buyer from four days of self inflicted agony.

We don’t ever want you to feel that you are in this alone, so we make ourselves readily available to you by phone, email or in person. 

If you have a problem or just want to chat, then set up a 15 minute phone call with me today.  It’s a chance for me to listen to you and give you my best advice. 

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