The complete opposite of everything you wanted

The complete opposite of what you wantedSeinfeld may be the funniest television show of all time.

The character George was based on the life of co-creator, Larry David.

One day after spending time at the beach pondering his life, George decided that every decision that he has ever made in his life has been wrong.  

Later at lunch with Jerry and Elaine, George said, “My life is the complete opposite of everything I wanted it to be.  Every instinct that I have in every aspect of life, something to wear, something to eat.  It’s all been wrong.”

Inspired by this revelation, George decides to order something different for lunch.  Suddenly, Elaine notices an attractive woman looking at George from the lunch counter.  Normally, George would have been intimidated by the thought of an attractive woman.  

Until, Jerry convinces him that the opposite of every instinct that he has must be right.  

Instead of doing nothing and regretting his decision.  George marches right up to the lunch counter and starts a conversation with the attractive woman.  

When he finds out that they ordered the same exact lunch, he tells her that he is unemployed and living with his parents.  To his surprise, Victoria agrees to go on a date with George.  

This date leads to an interview with the New York Yankees, where he criticizes George Steinbrenner and lands a new job as Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.  

The new George finally had his day.  

Over the years, I seen many people acting like the "old" George.  They use the same tactics, make the same decisions and get the same results, time after time.  It’s like their stuck in neutral and they never get a day at the beach.  

So, If your agent is still ordering tuna on toast for lunch, then let’s talk about how the market works best for you today.    

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