The Bizarre World of Abandoned Nashville

The Bizarre World of Abandoned NashvilleThe creepiest abandoned building in Nashville has to be the old Tennessee State Prison on Centennial Boulevard.  The prison was built in 1898 and looks like a fortress from the outside.

Even if you’ve never been to Nashville, you have likely seen this building in the movies, The Green Mile and The Last Castle.  It has also been the set of many television shows and music videos. 

The Castle, as it is popularly known, had its share of problems, mistreatment and deaths.  In 1983, a Federal Court issued a permanent junction from ever housing inmates in the facility.

The building has sat abandoned ever since. 

It is an ominous site, when you catch a glimpse driving on Briley Parkway in West Nashville. 

I’ve always wanted a closer look, but this place is locked up tighter than a drum. 

There is a growing cultural fascination with abandoned buildings, especially the big ones with a long history.

Online communities of “Urban Explorers” are exploding in popularity all over the globe. 

These enthusiasts say Urban Exploring is physically challenging, intellectually stimulating and pushes their photographic creativity. 

If you want to see abandoned places in Nashville, you should check out the pictures at the Instagram account of AbandondedNashville. 

At a glance, these places may look lost, broken and neglected. 

To me, these places are more like museums than vast areas of wasteland.  You feel connected to the place, the people and that time in history. 

A closer look reveals much beauty in the architecture and mystery of these strange, empty places. 

If you want to see ALL of the beauty that Nashville has to offer, let us know.  We would love to show you our gorgeous town. 

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