The best way to solve your problems and write hit songs

How to solve real estate problemsThere is a story that I like to tell people who write because it perfectly illustrates where you can tap into that creative spark. 

What I’ve learned over time is that it works just as well for problem-solving.  

A young man was trying to write a song about love.  He already wrote the bass line and was playing it over and over, looking for inspiration.

Finding none, he got up and started walking around the room.  

He was thumping his bass, strolling around the room and singing the words, “Walking around the room.”

It’s kind of funny if you picture it in your mind. 

What he was trying to do is capture the feeling of what it’s like to fall in love. He knew in the past, some of his best songs came to him while he was walking.  So he didn’t stop.  

While his conscious mind was focusing on the physical movement, his subconscious was focused on the problem: Finding a way to describe exactly how he felt.  

When suddenly these words dropped into his mouth, “Walking on the Moon. Feet they hardly touch the ground.  Walking on the Moon.”

It was perfect.

And, if you haven’t guessed by now that young man was Gordon Sumner, aka Sting. For Sting, it was walking which helped him solve the problem.  For me, it’s driving a familiar road.  

Whatever it is for you, you need to go there when you have a problem.  Occupy your conscious mind with minutiae and can gain clarity on the problems that you face.  Your subconscious helps take the emotion out of your decision and replaces it with logic.  

Here's the amazing thing to me. 

All your best thoughts and ideas are already there.  You just need to tap into them.  

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