The anti-solar answer to your energy needs

Anti-solar way to keep your home coolTen percent of the energy consumption in Tennessee can be directly tied to air conditioning.  That is nearly double the national average of six percent because of our location in the warm and sunny south.  

The sun heats up the materials that make up our homes and continues to release that heat throughout the day and night.  In addition, the atmosphere traps most of that heat here on earth so it cannot escape back into space.

Long ago scientists figured out that not all the heat radiation is trapped by the atmosphere.  Certain wavelengths bypass the atmosphere and easily escape into outer space.  Those that escaped were a very small portion of the total. 

Until recently, anything that would change the sunlight to the correct wavelength was incredibly difficult and expensive to manufacturer.  

Until now…

Scientists at the University of Colorado developed a film that can do this without additional electricity at a cost of $0.50 per square meter.  It uses the heat from inside your home to drive the conversion.  

They estimate that 20 square meters placed on top of your house would be enough to bring the inside temperature to 68 degrees when it is 99 degrees outside.  

The installation of this material could be incorporated into existing homes as well as new construction.  

And it somewhat reminds me of one of the problems with real estate agents.  

They tend to disappear after the sale, never to be heard from again.  

That’s wrong.  

It’s another reason why I bring you valuable information every week day.  Information that helps you enjoy your home from day one and beyond.  

To me, it’s more than buying and selling homes.  It’s about developing relationships that last a lifetime.  

If you prefer to work with someone that you know, like and trust; then I’m here for you.  Just pick up the phone and call me anytime.  

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