That one time life did NOT play a trick on me

Life tends to play tricks on me.  Just not this timeHere’s a funny story that hits home because life has a tendency to play these kind of tricks on me.

Just not this time.

A friend of mine was selling his home.  It was in the dead of winter and we had just experienced an ice storm in Nashville.  The whole town was shut down, and my friend was surprised to get a call to show his home.

He warned the showing agent that his home was on a hill and the driveway was long and steep.  He also suggested that they park on the street and walk up.  The agent bragged about how he and his client were from “up north” and that they know how to drive in the snow.  

Since no one was home at the time, my friend agreed to allow the showing.

He thought everything was fine until he arrived home after work. This is what he found.  

Both the showing agent and the buyer met at the home in their vehicles.  Not wanting to walk up the steep hill in the snow, they both decided to drive to the top.  

On the way up, the buyer slid off the road and hit a tree.  I guess you could say did more than just hit the tree as it damaged the whole left side of their car.  Fortunately, the showing agent had an SUV and the buyers hopped in to ride to the top.

After showing the home, the agent decided to drive back down the driveway to take the buyer to their hotel.  

On the way down the drive, the agent lost control of his SUV and slid off the road. But, not just anywhere.

He slid right into his client’s vehicle and made the right side match the left.   

Both vehicles were stuck and it took a week before the ice melted enough to get a tow truck up the hill.  

It wasn’t fun for my friend, but we can all laugh at the story now.  

What kind of funny or crazy stories have you experienced with real estate?  Hit reply and make me laugh some more.

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