That day when Grandpa and I stole a boat

That Day When Grandpa and I stole a boatDo you tend to get excited and dive right into something new?

If so, this might be the funniest story you hear all day.

Several years ago, my sister’s friend offered us her boat to use for the weekend while our grandparents were in town.  The way she described the boat, it was too good to pass up.

We met at the marina, picked up the keys and headed to the slip.  The boat we found was awful.  It looked like the morning after a fraternity party.  We couldn’t disappoint Grandpa so we started cleaning.  After 30 minutes of cleaning we were ready to go, except the boat would not start. 

We charged the battery, filled it with gas, changed the oil and put in new plugs that we bought at the marina.  Finally, we got it started and headed out on the lake. 

As soon as we cleared the no wake zone, it started to rain.  We did not let that deter us.  We rode out to a prime fishing spot and dropped lines.  The fish were nowhere to be found so we tried our other secret fishing holes.  Still nothing.

We decided to just enjoy the day, eat lunch and tour the lake.  After lunch, we tried to start the boat again and the key broke off in the ignition.  We had one small paddle that was three feet long.  It was a weekday, and no one was around for miles. 

I started paddling back towards the marina, while my brother in law was working on the key.  After an hour of paddling and couple hundred feet from the marina, he was able to get it started and we drove it into the slip. 

My sister went to turn in the keys while we were cleaning up the boat and unloading our gear.  The dock manager came back with my sister to apologize for all of the trouble we had. 

With a big smile on his face, he pointed to the next slip.  In it was a beautiful boat, fully loaded and ready to go.  Then manager said, “You see that sweet ride over there; that is your friend’s boat.” 

Apparently, the dock had worked on the boat prior to our visit to get it ready to go and they accidentally put it back in the wrong slip.

I wanted to be mad, but all I could do was laugh and laugh and laugh.  And we are still laughing about it today.

That day was a great lesson on business and life.  It’s ok to get excited, but make sure you are ready to go when you dive in. 

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