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Survey SaysFamily Feud is a 40 year-old, iconic Game Show where two families compete for money and prizes. 

The show has had some funny and famous hosts over the years.  Richard Dawson the original host was known as much for his comedy as his “horndog” personality.  

When Dawson left the first time, they had difficulty filling his shoes.  The next four hosts failed to bring the magic of the original show.  That coupled with a change in viewing habits had the show on life support for several years.

Until, they hired Steve Harvey.

Harvey, the current host, has brought the ratings out of the cellar to of the five most popular syndicated shows on television today.

Over 50 international markets have their own regional adaptation of the game show. 

TV Guide magazine [yes, they still exist] voted Family Feud the third in its list of the 60 Greatest Shows of All Time. 

It’s hard to deny that Steve Harvey is the reason for the shows resurgence in ratings.  What makes the show special is the interaction among the family members, the crazy survey questions and Harvey’s quick wit. 

Honestly, he is one of the funniest people on TV today.  And his ability to improv a hilarious joke out of thin air is a demonstration of his comedic genius. 

They recently asked this question…

Name something a real estate agent needs to do his job?

Of course it caught my attention.  I braced myself for a funny joke, but instead the most popular answer was:

A Home to Sell.

And it made me smile because it’s like an inside joke in our market. 

If you’ve seen the local news lately, it’s no surprise that there are more buyers than homes available.  And multiple offers are the norm.  There’s not enough homes for sale and that makes our job extremely difficult.

So, if you know anyone that might be considering selling their home anywhere in Greater Nashville, then hit reply.

We would love to help them!

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