Success Secrets of the #1 villain in NFL Football

Success Secrets from the top villain in footballIt’s easy to hate Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots.  Maybe it’s the cheating scandals.  Or, the arrogance when he talks to the press.  

What most people hate (and I admire) is how he continues to dominate the game.  

What makes him so successful?

Belichick is synonymous with systems.  And that’s the #1 reason why his teams are successful.

It took several years to perfect his system in Cleveland, and after that he’s been nearly unstoppable.

Just think about it.  He’s been running the same offense and defense since he took over Patriots 17 years ago.  His first Superbowl win was in 2001 and his last in 2014.  He has more playoff wins than any other coach in history.

When it comes to operations, he takes the opposite approach from his competitors.  He is more likely to promote from within and develop young coaches.  He builds players around his system, not the other way around.  

So, his plan doesn't change when a new assistant is hire.

This continuity in his staff and players keeps the system on track and improving.  

It’s a principle that I share with Belichick.  

A belief that every successful business must have documented and measurable systems.  

We’ve perfected ours over the last 12 years and use the latest technology to make it work every time. 

Like a good coach, we take the time to break it down and make it easy for you to succeed by…

  • Giving you a game plan to getting your home ready to sell 
  • Running marketing plays that gets your home in the hands of the most potential buyers 
  • Negotiating the contract so you have the biggest possible payday.  
  • Protecting you all the way to the closing table

Here’s what I suggest.  If you want to check out our game plan to getting ready, just hit reply.  

And, tomorrow I’ll tell you about his #2 success secret.

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