SOSHere’s a story from a real estate investor.

Going to share my struggle:
I'm a shiny object chaser, as I'm sure many people on here are. It's taken me a couple of years to accept that it was a problem. It's caused me to shift gears too early, to never finish. To always chase the next before the current was finished. I never went ALL-IN to anything. I spread myself thin.

I am now in the process of creating an environment for pure focus. No more distractions, no new businesses, no MLM, no e-commerce, no more chasing 2 rabbits, no more what-ifs. I'm clearing my desk daily, I'm hiring a housekeeper to help declutter and rid of my distractions. and I'm going full throttle! It's difficult, but I've learned to say “NO.”

Can you relate to this?

If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a million times, “If only I have this one thing, everything will be better.”

I think we’ve all been bitten by Shiny Object Syndrome [SOS]. It’s easy to feel like you are missing out and fear getting left behind. Over time you realize, you’ve went the wrong way with nothing to show but wasted time and a thinner wallet.

Experience can help you separate the sheep from the goats, but that’s not enough. You have to change inside your heart to slay this dragon for good. And that’s gratitude.

When you truly love what you already have, It’s much harder to set it aside to run after the latest and the greatest. Instead of giving up what you’ve got, you find yourself diving deeper. Making a bigger impact for yourself, your family and those surrounding you.

Love yours and you’ll find it easier to say No. And feel good about it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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