Should you fire your mortgage broker?

Should you fire your loan officer?I recently heard a story about a lady buying her first home in Nashville.

She received a referral from a close friend who raved about the service from a certain lender.

So, she contacted a loan officer at the firm and started the process.   The loan officer was going to call back and take her loan application over the phone.

After three days of no calls, she decided to reach out to the loan officer again.  

The lender apologized, took the application over the phone and said they will get back to them soon.  

Three more days go by with no return call.

So this buyer reached out to the lender again.  The lender apologized and said they were swamped.  

The loan officer did not provide a pre-approval amount, and instead requested copies of certain financial documents.

Weeks later and they still did not have an answer.  Just more questions and excuses.  

It’s hard to say whether this lender was too busy, unprofessional or just did not care.  

Based on their unending incompetence, I would have fired them a long time ago.  

Your lender is one of the most important partners to have when buying a home.  And if they cannot take a simple application over the phone, then how are they ever going to make it to the closing table. 

We take our lender partners seriously, and would never refer someone who treats people this way.  

We have long term relationship with those we suggest, and have had nothing but excellent service from them in the past.  

Talking to a lender early in the process is crucial to buying a home in this market.

If you need a professional lender who is going to make you a priority, then hit reply and let me know your plans.  

I promise to give you several options that you can contact to see who is best for you.

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