Should you buy if there are foundation issues?

Should you buy if there are foundation problems?Many years ago, I was listing a bank-owned home for one of my clients that had foundation problems.

This was not an ordinary home.  It was a mini-mansion located in an exclusive Brentwood neighborhood.  I called several foundation repair companies to provide a quote.

Mostly, I was disappointed in what I received.  A few of the contractors decided to no-show on our appointment.  Others came at their own convenience and sent a bid without looking inside the property.  

And the prices they requested were astronomical.  

Even though I had enough quotes to satisfy my client, I still felt that something was not right.  So, I kept digging until I found the best contractor who had experience with foundations.  

How do I know he was the best?  

  1. He showed up for the appointment at the right time.  
  2. He took the time to look inside the home, crawl space, attic and the entire exterior.
  3. He found two other small areas of concern that every other contractor missed. 
  4. He took the time to explain his recommendations in terms that everyone could understand.
  5. His price was fair and significantly less than the others.
  6. The work was completed ahead of schedule.
  7. He left the workplace better than he found it.
  8. The buyers and sellers were thrilled.

I’ve learned too much from him over the years, that it has made me a better advocate for my clients. 

For those who would never buy a home with foundation problems, we’ve learned to spot them early so we can move to the next one.

For those who need to sell a home with issues, we’ve been able to save them money, get a better sales price and avoid the frustrations of a failed home inspection.

It’s our goal to give you more than you pay for and this is just one of the ways we do it.  

What’s your biggest concern when buying a home?  Hit reply and share it with me.  

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