She's sweet, middle aged and has these problems

She's sweet and has these problemsIt started as an ordinary checkup at the vet with our lab-mix, Candy.

She’s a sweet, middle age dog with two problems.  

#1 - She still acts like a puppy.

#2 - She no longer has that “puppy” breath.

Like a good mom, Gretchen asked the doctor about her halitosis.  

The vet provided one option.  It looked exactly like one of those green bones you see in the grocery store at 8X the cost.  

Instead of driving back to the vet, I went to Kroger that night.

These green treats look like an oversized plastic toothbrush on one end and a bone on the other.  They smell weird too.

I wasn’t so sure that my dog would eat it or that it would work.

And boy was I wrong.  

When I gave it to her, she took off running and I didn’t see her for a while. 

Later, she got in my face, panting hard and wanting to go outside.  

As I opened the door, it occurred to me that I wasn’t knocked out by her death breath.  

Those green things worked, problem solved.  

And then, a few weeks later, it started.  

An avalanche of postcards, online ads, emails, special coupon mailings all touting their brand of green bones.  

But they all came too late to help.  I thought, where were these folks six months ago.  

And it reminded me of why I write to you every weekday. 

I’m want you to know that we are always here to solve your problems, keep you entertained and give you valuable information about your #1 investment.

It's as simple as hitting reply.

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