She said it only happens to those with anxiety

Fear is a dark powerful emotion I spent most of the day yesterday with my daughter, who had all four wisdom teeth removed.  

While there one of the nurse told me something very interesting. She said, “Your daughter was so easy compared to the other two we’ve had this morning.”

Now I wanted to know what happened with the other two. 

The nurse shared that they fought the whole time during the operation, even though their arms were strapped in and they were under general anesthesia.

She said it was a “nightmare”, and it only happens to those who have extreme anxiety over the operation.”   

Fear lives in your subconscious mind.  How else would it rear it’s ugly head while you were unconscious?

And fear can force you to take terrible actions while you are doing something you don’t fully understand.  

It happens in real estate too.  

It’s easy to get anxious about contracts, marketing and the multiple layers of negotiations.  

And that’s why I spend so much time sharing information with you. I want you to see all of the likely scenarios so you can solve problems on the front end when you are least emotional.  

If you get a surprise, I’ll make sure to fully explain the problem and share the pros and cons of every solution.  

If you need an expert opinion outside of real estate, I have a large network of lawyers, contractors and lenders that we can contact immediately.

With more than 500 transactions under our belt, we’ve seen and solved it all.   

The Daily Deal will be published sporadically between now and January 3rd.  Never fear!  I’ll still be working through the end of the year.   If you need anything, just call or hit reply.  

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