Seller's Market: Should I wait it out or what

Should I wait for the end of the seller's market to buy a home?The market is at all time highs and you are hesitant about buying a home.

I understand that you might want to sell your current home at the top of the market.  But, who wants to buy at the top?

That assumption is a mistake.  

No one truly knows where the market is headed next.  And trying to out guess the market is foolish because there are too many factors that can make or break it.  

My suggestion to you is to buy what you like and what you can afford.  That way if the market goes up you are fine.  And if the market declines, you should be fine too, as long as you didn’t overstretch the budget.  

Take for example the people who bought in 2005, just before the mortgage crisis.  People in Nashville saw their home values drop about 25%.  That doesn’t mean that they made a bad investment in buying the home.

And when their values rebounded and grew in value by 50% or more, that didn’t make them a brilliant investor either.  

Because the main purpose of owning a home is for you to live in and enjoy it, no matter what it is worth.  

I bet one year from now you won’t be kicking yourself for buying a home today, even if you paid a little more than you wanted.  

If you still have questions about this market, just pick up the phone and call me at 615.519.0983.

The Daily Deal in Nashville is this monster of a home in Hendersonville that is listed for less than $350,000.

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