Raiders of the Last Home (in Nashville)

Raiders of the Last Nashville HomeOne of my favorite movies of all time is Raiders of the Lost Ark.  

What’s not to like about Indiana Jones searching for ancient treasure while fighting the the bad guys.  

It’s a little like buying a home in Nashville right now. 

And if you want to be successful, you need to channel your “inner Indy.”

Remember that scene from the movie where Indy is being chased through the streets of Cairo by a pack of hooligans.  Then all of a sudden the streets clear and he is face to face with a monstrous swordsman who is ready to chop his head off.

When Indy sees his expertise at handling the sword, he quickly pulls out his gun and shoots him.

Notice that he didn’t play around with the competition or test the waters in any way.  He went straight to the one tool that would guarantee victory, his gun. 

If you want to win in this low inventory market, you gotta grab the “real estate gun” called positioning.  

You have to position yourself so the seller sees you, your agent and your offer as the best partners to meet their goals in selling their home.

And that’s where I can help you.  

With more that 500 team sales under our belt, we’ve learned how to discover what the seller wants to achieve and how to paint a picture in their mind that shines the spotlight on you and your offer.  

While most agents skip this part, it’s not always enough for the seller to solidify their decision. 

They also have to have feel confident in the buyer’s agent because they can easily make or break a good deal.  A lack of communication, not following through and not being transparent are things buyers agents do that creates headaches for the seller.  

It causes enough of a burden on sellers that part of their decision is based on the buyer’s agent.  So, it is imperative that your agent is seen as someone who will negotiate in good faith.  

That’s one of the reasons why we’ve gone out of our way to develop strong relationships with most of the top agents in Nashville.

Here’s what one agent said about me when we closed the sale of his listing last week.

“The pleasure was all mine. Thank you for a very tidy and thorough process.”

Are you ready to find your treasure in Nashville?  

The Daily Deal in Nashville is a wonderful renovation in the Brentwood School District for less than $440,000.

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