Quick Thin Offer

Quick Thin OfferOver 4 billion people, 75% of the world, does not have a physical mailing address.  These folks can’t get a delivery, register for services or easily access emergency services.  

So, a British startup had a better idea.

In 2013, they formed a company called What3Words.

They divided the planet into 57 Trillion squares that are almost 10’ x 10’.  Or 3 meters x 3 meters to be exact.

Assigning addresses (that people would actually use) to each of these plots would be an arduous task.  Even worse would be trying to remember the GPS coordinates for each of these locations.  

I can hear it now.  Please deliver the box to -87.34532765, 39.445609.  I think my head would explode.

Now What3Words had a brilliant solution to this growing world problem.  And the simplicity of the system is what makes it so clever.

They decided to give each one of these 57 Trillion squares a name using, you guessed it, three words.  

Humans tend to make things more complex than they really need to be.

We follow the same business philosophy as What3Words.  Our services exist to help you see problems for what they really are and to implement the most effective, simple solution possible.  

And if you took a peek under the hood, you would see that we employ that tactic throughout our company.  

You can search for your location on the 3 Word Map here:   https://map.what3words.com/

You will find the entrance to our office at: quick.thin.offer

We couldn’t have picked a better address name!

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