Promises are like potholes

Promises are everything in NashvilleThere is an old saying that goes, Promises are pie crusts, made to be broken.  

And that doesn’t sit right with me.  First of all when promises are broken, they feel more like potholes.

Empty and damaging.  

This is one of the problems in life, business and real estate.  

You experience broken promises more in real estate due to the sheer numbers.  If you count up all of the folks that are involved in a single real estate transaction, it is probably close to fifty people these days.   

These fifty people need to coordinate with precision to get it done on time.  And it only takes one broken promise for the line to come to a screeching halt.  

When that happens it can wreak havoc on your best laid plans.  Notice I didn’t say “if.” 

We have two approaches when it comes to prevention.

The first step is pro-active.  We provide you with recommendations of great partners to get your side of the transaction running smoothly.  These recommendations include lenders, title companies, inspectors, contractors and more.  Our partners are some of the best in the business and have long track records of excellent service to our clients.  

Of course, you are always free to use who you prefer.  

The second step is reactive.  We can’t control the partners for the other side of the transaction, so we need to be able to help if they falter.   We excel at being a liaison and helping solve any problems that prevent us from closing, even if the other side is at fault. 

If you want the smoothest road possible, then pick up the phone or hit reply.

I’m here for you.  

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