The Problem with Real Estate Sales

Nashville Home ValuesHave you ever heard how easy it was to sell your home without an amazing Realtor?

Boy, do they have it wrong.

I can see from the outside how it may look easy.  Just like a NFL receiver making a diving catch, a top notch Realtor makes it look simple.

I overhead one guy at lunch the other day say, “No Problem.  All you have to do is put a sign in your yard and get it on the internet.”

Zillow is one of the top 3 real estate portals on the internet.  10 years ago, some even thought that Zillow would eliminate the need for real estate agents.

Zillow's Founder and CEO, Spencer Rascoff recently said, “buying a home is infrequent...expensive...emotional...they need a professional to help guide them through the transaction.”

Spencer understands the value of a great Realtor.

Colby Sambrotto, founder and former CEO of, used to promote that selling your home on your own was easy.  A few years ago, he tried to sell his Manhattan apartment.  For six months he tried to sell it himself, using the methods he taught and failed.

He decided to list his home with a Realtor.  The Realtor immediately raised the price $150,000 and sold the property.

Colby was so impressed by the experience that he started another real estate company that utilized real estate agents.  Colby told Realtor Magazine,” I learned a lot of lessons at was great at reducing transaction costs, but it didn’t sell enough houses to be the game changer I thought it would be.”


We developed a system to lead you through the entire sales process.


Our Premier Home Selling System quickly sells your home at the right price…even if you have a difficult situation.


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P.S.S.  Watch out for those with a slick presentation, no systems and no marketing plan!

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