Opendoor then open wallet

Open door then open walletWall Street calls companies like Opendoor, property-exchange platforms.  

I like to call them “OpenWallet.”

Their offer sounds intriguing.

Give them your keys and walk out with a check into your new life.  Things are never as simple (and inexpensive) as they seem.  

While these companies are not currently in Nashville, they could be soon if their funding doesn't run out. 

This recent investigation by Inman News show how much it is really costing the seller.

They found that Opendoor was marketing the homes 6.13% higher than the price they paid the seller.  Though, they claim to buy homes at market value.  

In addition, they also charge the seller a service fee of 6% - 12%.  Inman said, “homeowners could easily end up paying more than double what they would have if they used a real estate agent.”

It does not make sense to me to pay double the cost, just to get out of your home one month sooner.  

Especially in a market like Nashville.

My listings are currently averaging a sales price 3.9% OVER list price and 22 days LESS on the market than the Nashville average.

Unless you have wheel barrels full of cash, don’t be a diva for companies like OpenWallet.  

Get the best price and get it wrapped up quickly.

Call me today at 615-519-0983 so we can talk about what you want to achieve without all those sales-ey tactics.  

The Daily Deal in Nashville is a beautiful Cape Cod on 3 private acres in Kingston Springs [just west of Nashville] for less than $300,000.

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