No sugar coating or sprinkles included

No sprinkles allowedMy advice to you will always be matter of fact.  No sugar coating or sprinkles included.  

And that is confusing to people, especially when you point out a problem.  It’s due to the negative connotation that comes with every obstacle.  Some will take it as a sign that you are too busy or you do not want to work with them. 

With me, that’s not the case.  My intention is to be straightforward.  And to provide advice that is practical, businesslike and factual.  

Selling your home or buying one is a highly charged process that runs the full gamut of emotions.  

All this excitement is not good for you because multiple studies show that emotional purchases cost us more money than necessary.

Professor George Loewenstein of Carnegie Mellon and Psychologist Jennifer Lerner of Harvard did extensive research on the role emotions play in decision making.  One of their findings is that sad people would often set a lower selling price for an object that they were asked to sell.  And people who felt frustration and anger made riskier decisions.

Before you decide to set aside all of your feelings, studies show that one emotion actually helps us to make better decisions.

That emotion is loss.  Experiencing loss and the negative emotions that come with it help us make safer decisions and more lucrative choices as long as we don’t dwell on it.  

It’s my goal to help you feel the loss through stories and straight-talk, so you do not have to deal with unnecessary problems in real life.  And that you don’t waste all your time chasing a bad idea.  

I really want to know what questions you have.  How can I give you practical advice?

P.S.  This philosophy also lines up perfectly with one of my maxims of negotiating.  It’s about protecting your downside.  It’s one of the most effective negotiating tactics there is and a topic we will discuss soon.  

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