Nashville's amazing growth and how NOT to mess it up

Nashville's Population Explosion and Real EstateYou probably saw the story in the Tennesseean about Nashville’s record growth.  We hit the 2020 population expectations in 2014.

And it reminded me about the story of a company called Wise Acre Frozen Treats.

You’ve probably never heard of them and here’s why. 

They started with one employee in a school kitchen in 2006.

Within a year, Wise Acre won the most Innovative Product Award at a large food show against 2000 other products.

Grew to 15 employees with sales distribution in health food and grocery stores along the East Coast.

Early in 2008, they lined up a huge National Distributor that would get them in premier stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

And their first order was for $45,000.

By the end of 2008, they were bankrupt.  

Out of business.


When they asked the founder what happened, he simply said they grew to fast.  

They didn’t have the infrastructure to keep up with demand.  And when they tried to spend their way out of the problem, they ran out of investors and money.  

What happened to Wise Acre, could also happen to Nashville.

Fortunately, we have lots of great people looking out for our best interests.

Just last year, the city of Nashville released their strategic plan called Nashville Next.  This growth is more than just Nashville.  It affects all of the surrounding counties too.  

This week the Power of Ten summit comes to Nashville.  City planners from Middle Tennessee and around the nation, gather to provide solutions to the problems we could face otherwise. 

Nashville is now expected to grow to 2.6 million people (that’s the current size of Denver) by 2035.  

I fully support the vision of our local leaders because I believe in the good people of Nashville.  

To do my part, I want to show you why people love to live and work in Nashville.  

Highlight neighborhoods and what makes them special.  

So, what communities in Nashville do you want to see first?

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