Nashville Tennessee Monthly Homes Sales, May 2012 - YTD

The interactive graph below shows the number of home sales in Nashville, Tennessee has been increasing each month this year.  This is great news for the housing market and the overall economic recovery in Nashville.  We had 602 sales in Nashville in the major neighborhoods for the month of May which is nearly double what we had in January.

Every neighborhood set a sales volume record for 2012, except for three: North Nashville, Nashville-Airport, and Madison.  All three of these areas recorded significant sales increases and record sales for the year in April 2012.  The areas of Brentwood and Antioch have the most sales in the Nashville Area; and they are closely followed by East Nashville, Green Hills, Belle Meade/West End, Bellevue, Hermitage and West Nashville.   These eight areas represent more than 72% of the sales volume in this study.

This graph contains data from the MLS on single family homes, and does not include land, condos or multi-family properties.  The graph is initially set up differently than the previous graph.  You can hover over the circles in each month to get the individual sales for each neighborhood.  Since the graph is interactive, you can make changes to the drop down boxes at the bottom of the graph to see the data differently.   To view the graph in the same style as the April update change the drop down box labeled COLUMNS to "Area" and change the drop down box labels ROWS to "data column name." Don't forget to click on the graph to make it interactive!


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