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Nashville Real Estate is full of surprises.   If you add foreclosures to the mix, you will never have a dull moment.  Most of the surprises are a headache, and that is why most people hire Realtors.  Every once in a while you will get a great one.

Several years ago, I received a foreclosure assignment on Cleveland St in East Nashville.  I assumed this house was vacant as it had all of the typical signs.  The power was off, the home was in terrible condition, the yard was littered with debris and the grass was over my knees.

As I was walking up to the front door, out of the tall grass springs a mad dog coming straight for me.  The dog is viscously barking, bearing all of his teeth and appears to be a pit bull.  Running is the worst thing to do, and I really did not have time to go anywhere.  This dog was closing fast and was about ten feet away. I turn towards the dog and start to reach for my pocket, when he suddenly stops in his tracks.  A big sigh of relief comes over me when I realize that the dog is chained to a tree.  I really do not like dogs on chains, but in this case I made a small exception.

Now that my adrenaline was flowing, I knock on the door and meet the occupant.  She only tells me that her name is Junebug and that the house belonged to her family.  I expect that Junebug was a squatter, so I get as much information as I can and try to talk her into the cash relocation plan.

Junebug is not interested in the relocation plan, so I stop by the house on a weekly basis to check on the property.  Each time I stop by, the dog was still chained to a tree and was mad as fire when he sees me.  I know that one day we have to evict the occupant, and will have to deal with the dog.  If the owner is not there during the eviction, animals are typically sent to metro animal control.  As much as the dog does not like me, I do not want to send him to the pound.  Most pit bulls do not stand a chance at the pound, because they are unlikely to be adopted.

The day of reckoning comes for the occupants, and I arrived with the deputies from the Nashville Sheriff’s office.  Surprisingly, no one was home and the dog was not there.  Inside the home was awful.  I cannot imagine that anyone was living in these filthy conditions.  I felt sorry for Junebug and wonder what became of her and the dog.

After the cleanup crew completed their job, I stopped by the following Saturday morning for a quick check on their work and the condition of the home.  This was my last stop for the day and I was excited about getting home to watch some college football.  As I walk up to the front door, I notice a small pane of glass broken out of the bathroom window.  This pane was very small and the window was still secure, so I was not too concerned.  As I was opening the front door, I hear something moving ninety miles an hour towards the door from the inside.  I immediately slammed the door and the barking ensued.  I looked in the big window and saw Junebug’s dog inside the home.

No one else appears to be at home, and I do not know what I am supposed to do.  I checked the perimeter of the home and all was secure.  When I came around the side of the home, I almost ran into a Metro Police officer on foot patrol in the alley beside the home.  I think I scared him, more that he surprised me. I brought him around to the front of the home and showed him the eviction documents and the dog in the house.  The officer made a few calls and told me there was nothing that he could do.  The officer suggested that I call animal control as I cannot let this viscous dog loose in the neighborhood.

An hour later, animal control arrived and took a look at the situation.  After a few calls, the animal control officer stated that they cannot do anything as the dog is inside the property.  They also warned me not to let the dog run loose in the neighborhood.  I looked at him like he was crazy.  I was not going to open the door to a dog that has been dying to bite me for weeks without being able to restrain him.

I started to realize that my dreams of a college football Saturday were going down the drain.   So I decided to walk around the street to see if anyone knows where to find Junebug and if she was coming back for her dog.  After getting a few doors slammed in my face, one of the neighbors told me that Junebug abandoned the dog in the home several days ago and has not been back.  I really started to feel sorry for this dog, and knew part of his mean streak was his situation.  I would be grumpy too if I spent my life hungry and chained to a tree outside.  The neighbor tells me the dog’s name is Buck.

Buck was such a great name because this dog was Buck Wild.  I go back to the front door of the house and start to call the dog’s name.  He perked up a little, but I could tell that he was not happy.

I decide to go to the store up the street and buy several cans of dog food, some paper plates and a strong leash.  When I get back to the front door, I start to call his name again.   Over and Over I told him that he was a good boy.  After a while, Buck quits barking and growling.  I opened two cans of dog food on a plate and slide it thru the door.  Buck ate the food and his demeanor changed completely.  I decided to open another can, and let him eat it on the front porch.  I also pour him a huge bowl of water.  While he was eating and drinking, I attached the leash to his collar.

Three cans of food later and this dog was my friend.  I made several calls to find him a new home, but no one wanted Buck Wild.  Not really knowing what to do next, I decide to walk him around the neighborhood.  After an hour of searching, I finally found a family that knows Buck and wanted to adopt him.  They had a big yard with a fence.  Buck seemed very happy, so I left him with his new family.

As I was walking back to my car, I realized that I still had a few cans of food left for Buck.  I drove back to his new home and found him out in the yard.  As I approached, he jumped on me with joy.  Where was that wild dog that had been trying to bite me for weeks on end?

After all of these years, whenever I drive down Cleveland Street, I always look for Buck.  Although, I only spent a day with him; Buck taught me what a difference a little love and food can make in someone’s life.

Whose life are you going to make a difference in this week?

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