Nashville Orientation is now open

Nashville Orientation is not openI'm at college orientation for my youngest.

At another crossroads in my life and an exciting time for my daughter.  This "orientation" event is excellent.  Designed to guide you through all the right pathways. So you end up at the right place.

If you are considering a move to Nashville, you may be in the same boat.

Wondering where you should live, what the schools are like, how you will spend your free time and who you should work for.

For an introverted extrovert like me, it creates as much anxiety as excitement.

That's how I felt when I moved here in 2001. Fortunately, My wife, Gretchen, grew up in Music City which made our transition easier.

And that's what we love to do for you.

Help make your transition to our wonderful city easier.  

Whether you are considering a move or already on your way, we know you have questions and concerns.  And we're always willing to help.  If we can't, we will reach out to our vast network of business and community contacts. I'm sure we know someone who can.

So, hit reply and let us know what's on your mind.

And also checkout the Daily Deal in Nashville.  It's a great unit in the beautiful Viridian building in downtown Nashville and listed for less than $470,000.

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