Nashville Monthly Home Sales Volume, January - April 2012

This graphic shows the Number of Homes Sold in Nashville for each major neighborhood by month for 2012.  Typically, one would expect the numbers to climb each month because the winter is the slow season and the spring/summer are the busy season for real estate in our area.  Since we have not had typical real estate sales in several years, I think it is interesting to look at the numbers for each area.

The top row is sales for January 2012 and each column is a major neighborhood in Nashville.  The other rows represent sales in February - April 2012.   The size of each bubble corresponds to the number of home sales in that neighborhood for the month.  April was the largest sales month for every area of Nashville, except for Hermitage, Goodlettsville and West Nashville.  Brentwood continues to be the largest volume area in Nashville and is currently driven by relocation.  Antioch is in second place with foreclosures dominating sales in this area.  East Nashville has the third highest volume in the metro area due to a mixture of relocation and revitalization.  This graph contains data for single family homes and does not include condos, land, multi-family or commercial sales.  The condo market has been improving recently and we will examine condo sales in a future report.  What other segments of the market would you like to evaluate?

Click on the graph to make it come alive, and hover over any bubble for more information.


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