Nashville Gives Back

“However you choose to greet me this season… I will accept in the spirit in which it is intended and respond with the appropriate happiness and joy returned, simply grateful for the greeting.”

I love the holidays.  I told my niece, Michelle, today that I love traffic.  I have adopted an attitude that traffic gives me more time to breathe, to listen to Christmas music in my car and to sing along at the top of my lungs, to connect with a smile and a nod with the person waiting in the car next to me, especially when caught singing Christmas music at the top of my lungs, to have a quiet moment in the midst of the chaos.  Of course, the key to this good will attitude in the midst of traffic is to understand that it is going to take me longer to get where I am going and to give myself the additional time to get there – therefore not rushed and harried upon arriving.  I love all the trappings, the hokey songs and decorations, the bells, the crowds, the food – all of it.

What I have trouble understanding is the pre-occupation of how we address each other during this season.  What I believe is that by dwelling on the wrong – we will totally miss the right and there is much that is right in this crazy holiday world.  Instead of admonishing each other about how we should greet each other, how about we challenge each other to do something good for someone or for something every day from now till the end of the year?  And, who knows, it might just become a habit by then – I think I might have heard something like doing something for 21 days in a row creates a habit.

If you live in Nashville for long, you will certainly be given ample opportunities to give.  If not, then I will list below many websites of honorable charitable organizations you can support during this season and simply list many others that you can google on your own.  I know that one challenge I am giving myself this season is extremely personal and it involves being grateful and gracious towards someone who challenges this in me on a daily basis.  I am beginning to believe that this is actually a mirror, being put in front of me, for a lesson I still need to learn and I am paying attention.

My wish for you this season is peace.  May the peace that passes all understanding, whatever that is for you, pass over and through you this wonderful season.  I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to this blog as my heart was constricted before writing this and now, like the Grinch, I believe it has grown 3 sizes just with his writing.

Nashville Opportunities for Charitable Giving:   (Ronald McDonald House)   (Salvation Army angel tree)   (Harley owners group)    (Hands on Nashville)

Others for you to google:

Fannie Battle Caroling

12 Giving

American Red Cross

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Easter Seals Tennessee

Giving Matters

The Little Pantry That Could

And the list can go on and on – choose one of these or choose your own favorites.


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