Nashville Foreclosures Continue to Decline

Nashville ForeclosureCore Logic, a leading provider of housing data, shows the overall foreclosure activity is down in Nashville, TN and many other cities.  Nationally, the percentage of homeowners who are at least 90 day delinquent has dropped from 7.8% in February 2011 to 7.3% currently.   Out of the top 100 metro areas studied, 61 of them were showing decreases in the number of homes foreclosed.  These five states still account for nearly 50% of all foreclosures:  California, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and Texas.

In Nashville, the number of foreclosures completed is also down 0.2% over last year.  This number may seem insignificant, however, it is equivalent to nearly 5,000 more families that get to stay in their homes this year in Tennessee.  This is great news for homeowners, sellers and the financial sector.  If you are a buyer, you need to move quickly as sales are improving and interest rates are climbing.  An energized housing market and new construction has led us out of 6 of the last 8 recessions.  Can you feel the energy?

See my previous post for more info on the Nashville Foreclosure Market:  /blog/nashvilles-tide-of-foreclosures.html


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