Introducing an Emerging Nashville Neighborhood: Historic West Town

Nashville Real Estate NowHistoric West Town is a neighborhood in West Nashville that was formerly known as “The Nations.”  In the first half of the twentieth century this neighborhood attracted much diversity due the abundant work found in the area and the location close in downtown Nashville.  Due to the diversity of this area, some say it became known as The Nations.  Others state that The Nations got its name from the Trail of Tears.  The Nations suffered decline after the 1950s as people started to relocate to the newer suburban areas further south and west of Nashville.


In recent years The Nations has been transforming into Historic West Town.  Some of the reasons why Historic West Town is considered an Emerging Neighborhood:

  • It is located close just north of Sylvan Park, a gentrified neighborhood in West Nashville.
  • The neighborhood has many Craftsman, Cottages and Victorian Homes.
  • Infill of new construction homes has been occurring for little more than one year.
  • Living conditions have been improving in this neighborhood.
  • Historic West Town is located a few miles from Downtown Nashville with easy access on Charlotte Pike.
  • This area has access to public transportation from the Metro Transit Authority.

    Like many emerging areas, the last items to develop are the vibrant commercial district and the neighborhood identity.  This area has received a boost from the Nashville West Shopping District.  While it is a few miles west on Charlotte Pike, Nashville West provides an abundant supply of major retail stores and restaurants that this area sorely needed.


    Charlotte Pike and some of the other streets in the neighborhood have the potential to house the original restaurants and boutique stores that are the trademark of any revitalized area.  The east end of Charlotte Pike is also expected to redevelop into a commercial district.  This area is called the North Gulch and is centered on Charlotte Pike and 11th Avenue.   The latest rumor for the North Gulch; it will be the home of Nashville’s first IKEA.  We will keep an eye on this one.


    Home Prices are a significant attraction factor for Historic West Town.  This is one of the few areas in Nashville that have been appreciating over the last two years.  The price difference between similar homes in Sylvan Park and Historic West Town is jaw-dropping.


    If you are considering an up-and –coming neighborhood in Nashville, take a good look at Historic West Town.


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