Here’s another Nashville Emerging Neighborhood: Cleveland Park

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Cleveland Park is a neighborhood in East Nashville that is located adjacent to the gentrified neighborhoods of Greenwood Neighbors and Maxwell Heights.  McFerrin Park is another emerging neighborhood just south of Cleveland Park.  The Cleveland Park neighborhood takes its name from the park that was given to the city to manage in 1963.

This area was once the plantation of Thomas Talbot, an early Nashville settler and innkeeper. The Talbot Family Cemetery now lies in the right of way of the interstate.   The main street of this neighborhood is Dickerson Pike, which dates back to the 1700s.  Robert Cartwright, a Revolutionary War Soldier, was appointed by Davidson County to build a road from Nashville to Goodlettsville.    This road became Dickerson Pike and was built along a former buffalo trail.  Buffalo statues have been erected at the start of Dickerson Pike to recognize the history of the area and to kickoff a ten year revitalization plan which includes sidewalks and landscaping.  The excellent view of the downtown skyline and the abundance of commercial capacity make Dickerson Pike a prime candidate for redevelopment.

In recent years, Cleveland Park has been improving steadily.  Here’s reasons why Cleveland Park is considered an Emerging Neighborhood:

  • It is Located just east of Greenwood Neighbors and Maxwell Heights, gentrified neighborhoods in East Nashville.
  • The neighborhood has many historic Cottages, Bungalows and Victorian Homes.
  • Infill of new construction homes has been occurring for two years.
  • Living conditions have been steadily improving in this neighborhood.
  • Cleveland Park is located a few miles away and across the river from Downtown Nashville.
  • This area has access to public transportation from the Metro Transit Authority.

    Cleveland Park is still developing its commercial district and the neighborhood identity.  Dickerson Pike, Douglas Street and Cleveland Street are the best candidates to place the local restaurants, cafes and boutique stores that are the hallmark of any emerging neighborhood.  Lischey Avenue and Meridian Street feature sections with good urban design and offer areas that need restoration.


    Home Prices and availability are the main attraction factors for Cleveland Park.  The price difference between similar homes in Greenwood or Maxwell Heights is astounding.  The average sales price for the last six months in Cleveland Park is $113,852 versus an average sales price for the same time period in Greenwood Neighbors of $202,800.


    If you are considering an emerging neighborhood in East Nashville, take a close look at Cleveland Park.


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