More than you promise

Deliver more than you lostIn 1850, Henry and Clement left their family home in Ohio to move to South Bend, Indiana. With $68 and a forge, the started the H & C Studebaker Co, a wagon making business.  

The business was slow at first, and they had to scrape by with blacksmithing work.  In the first year, they only sold a couple of wagons.  It didn’t take long for people to hear about the quality of their work, and their business began to grow.

Within 25 years, the company was the largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world.  In 1902, they entered the automobile market selling electric cars that could travel 30 - 80 miles on a single charge.  In 1904, they began to sell gas powered vehicles.  

Growing up in Detroit, I heard many stories about the automotive industry.  And the Studebaker story always stuck with me because of their unofficial family motto.  I can still hear my Dad saying the words now.  

“Always give a little more than you promised.”

The motto was the force behind Studebaker for 115 years.  

It’s one of the principles that’s driven my success in business over the last three decades. 

I understand that you can’t always do more than you promised, so you have to look for opportunities.  When you have the power to make someone else’s day by exerting a little effort on your part.  

What I’ve learned is it means so much to the people you helped.  Way beyond any cost on my end.   

And that’s where you’ll find the satisfaction.  

If you are someone who lives by principles, I’d love to hear one of yours.  Hit reply and share it with me now. 

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