Make Your Mark Like a Manning

Make Your Mark Like a ManningPeyton Manning might not have as many championship rings as Tom Brady, but his mark on the game will be his lasting legacy.

When Peyton entered the league, it was dominated by the defending champs, the Denver Broncos, and their main weapon, running back Terrell Davis.  Barry Sanders, Detroit’s Running Back, was the highest paid player and the league MVP.  Emmitt Smith, Running Back for the Dallas Cowboys (and his endorsement deals) helped him make more money than any other player.

The running back was king, but that would soon change. 

Peyton changed the way the game was played for the better and the rest of the league followed.

Here are the Results.

Peyton threw the ball more, especially on first down.   A few years later the rest of the league followed.

He was the first to base his offense from the shotgun and not under the center.  This was football blasphemy in 1998, today it is common practice.

He set the bar high for passing quarterbacks.  The current passing mark for success is 4,000 yards a season.  In his rookie year, only two quarterbacks hit that mark.  This year, twelve passers exceeded that total.  Manning has hit 4,000 fourteen times in his career.  Drew Brees is a distant second at 10, no one else is in double digits.

Despite playing behind some of the worst lines in history, Peyton style helped him avoid sacks and prolong his career.  Of all the 1,700+ active players in the league when he started in 1998, only three suited up for a game this year.

More than anyone else in recent history, Peyton changed the way the game is played.

His success is the stuff of legend. 

Like Peyton, we strive to find the best way.  Even if it goes against the grain. 

We don’t measure success with awards, trophies or rings.

Our success is measured by the mark we make on real estate and in the dreams that we help you achieve.

Tell us your dreams.  What do you want to achieve?

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