Little Seeds Power the Dream

Little Seeds Farm in Lebanon hand makes goat's milk soap so fine that the goats are moved to graze a different patch of pasture every few days. It is near the big garden full of fresh vegetables, where friendly dogs scare away the predators and guineas are on bug patrol.

When James and Eileen Ray moved Little Seeds Farm to TN, their dream was to be sustainable.

One of the first steps was a green irrigation system to provide clean drinking water for the animals.

The final step was finished in September. The entire farm and home is completely solar powered.

And it is much cheaper than you thought.

After Rebates and tax breaks, their total bill was $33,000.

Then readily available financing made the decision easy. James Ray said. "It'll take three to five years depending on solar production to recoup our money."

"Since we've installed it, even with these cloudy days we've had pretty much half the time, we've generated over 20 percent of what we've used," James Ray stated.

The contract with TVA buys any additional electricity generated at a premium rate for 20 years.

Here's why it is the right time to consider solar for your home or business

  • With the rebates and incentives available today, solar power is profitable in Middle Tennessee
  • Turn Key Systems include everything from design, grant writing, installation and maintenance
  • You will do your part to save the environment by freeing yourself from fossil fuels
  • Work with the #1 Solar Company in Tennessee and support the local economy
  • Power Rates will continue to rise as our cities grow and infrastructure ages.

Is living Green a part of your dream?

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We work with the company that powers Little Seeds Farm, The Nashville Convention Center and more than 500 installations all over the Mid South

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