Lawn Care Tips - Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

Ready to Sell Your Home - Lawn Care Tips Get Ready to Sell Your Home with these Fall Lawn Care Tips!

September is the best time to overseed your lawn or repair any thin areas in Tennessee. The cool nights and shorter days provide the best conditions for your seedlings to thrive.  Many people mistakenly think that the Spring is the best time to overseed.  However, if you apply your crabgrass preventer in the spring as recommended, it will also prevent your grass seeds from sprouting.

My Lawn Looks great, Why Should I Re-Seed?

A constantly mowed lawn never has the opportunity to grow seed and reproduce on its own.  It can still regenerate by producing stolons or above ground sprouts, but your lawn needs more to look its best year after year.  Some of the newer varieties have better resistance to drought, insects or traffic.  So including these newer seed varieties with your older ones, helps to keep your lawn looking like Fenway Park.

What is the best way to overseed or patch thin areas?

For overseeding, I recommend renting a power seeder.  You can find them at Sunbelt Rentals for about $75 per day.  These overseeding machines will cut slits in your yard and will sow the seed directly into the ground to significantly improve the rate that your seed germinates.  It is also much easier and more effective that aerating your lawn or raking it by hand to break up the soil.  For bare areas I would also recommend that you add some topsoil before you overseed and then place straw on top of the ground to hold in the moisture.

What Seed Should I Sow?

I recommend that you buy grass seed that is developed for your climate.  Most areas in Tennessee have the typical southern climate which includes hot, direct sunlight and periods of drought in the summer.  The cheapest seed is not always the best.  Most times cheap seed is loaded with filler like weed seeds and annual ryegrass.  For my lawn, I prefer Southern Gold or Rebel Grass seed that can be found at most hardware stores.  A Great Lawn is essential to being Ready to Sell Your Home!

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