Last chance for property tax relief

Last chance for property tax relief in NashvilleApplications for property tax relief in Nashville are due on April 5, 2017. That’s less than one month away.   I first told you about this last year, and I thought this was a good time for a reminder.  Here’s that story.

There are certain requirements to qualify.  If it does not apply to you, it may be available for someone you know.  We have fewer people taking advantage of these programs than expected.   

If you know someone who might benefit, please forward this information to them. 

There are two main programs:  The tax relief and the tax freeze.  

Let’s start with the tax relief.

The amount of tax relief varies and is based on your primary residence’s value and tax rate.  You just have to wait and see what you are awarded.

This program is available to Seniors, Disabled and Disabled Veterans.  

Seniors need to be 65 with a maximum income of $29,180.  Disabled persons need a total and permanent disability rating from the Social Security Administration.  Veterans require a significant, service-connected disability rating.

The other program is the tax freeze.

The tax freeze program allows Seniors to “freeze” the tax due on the property at the amount when they qualify. If you freeze right now, they will lock at the rates for 2017.

You must have $41,660 or less in adjusted gross income and be 65 years or older to qualify.  

One thing to note is the appraised value is not frozen.  Only the amount of taxes you pay.  This is so the correct value will be reflected when the home is sold or no longer qualifies.  

The freeze may be adjusted if you make additions or improvements that significantly increase the value of your home.

How to Apply

New applicants in Nashville must come to the Davidson County Trustee’s office with required documents by April 5.  Your 2016 property tax bill must be paid in full in order to be considered for the program.  Previously approved applicants will receive a Tax Freeze Voucher each year.

The Trustee’s office is located in the Howard Office Building at 700 2nd Av S, $220, Nashville TN, 37210.  

For more information:

Hope this was helpful to you or someone you love.

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