Keep on with the Block, Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

Keep on with the Block, Dont Stop til You Get EnoughThis morning, most of world is complaining about who didn’t show up at the Presidential Debate or Super Bowl Quarterback Cam Newton and his egregious dance moves. [People are Strange huh?]

While they were playing, I was Blocking.

Not the football kind of blocking.


Everyone has a different idea of how they should time block.  There is no right way as long as you are getting work done efficiently.

This is how we do it. 

The first part of your day is the most important. 

It’s also the time of day when we typically have the least distractions.

So the first few hours of the day are reserved to get the most important things completed.  My time block ranges for +/- 4 hours depending on the work load for the day. 

If you prioritize your to-do list, it’s like getting all of your 1’s, A’s or Red Flag tasks completed that morning.  It gives the whole afternoon to tackle the 2’s and 3’s.

I say that the first part of the day is most important, because that is when you are at your best.  Outstanding work happens when you are mentally and physically ready for the challenge. 

Since, we have fewer distractions; we should be able to get a ton of work in the books.   

Blocking also provides flexibility.

Any distractions that happen later in the day do not rob you of your productivity.  You can save the world in the afternoon and not feel cheated out of our work day.

Also, if my clients need help fast or the perfect home hits the market; we have time and quickly change directions. 

Working this way gives us a peaceful, easy feeling.

For those who don’t block:  You really think you’re in control?  Ha ha ha,  bless your soul.

Let me know, how many of the song references you found.  :)

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