It's not true

It's not trueHistory books will tell you that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but it’s not true.

Edison purchased the rights to the lightbulb from a man he hired and then improved the filament to make it successfully burn for more than a few hours.  

And the real secret is that Edison never wanted to sell light bulbs.

His mission and purpose in life was to provide the amazing power of electricity to everyone. And the light bulb was the perfect vehicle to demonstrate how it would transform the world.  

Before Edison, most people thought that electricity was dangerous and deadly.  Company employees and innocent bystanders had been shocked to death and the public was rightly concerned.  

Absolutely no one wanted it in their homes.  

Edison knew that it was safer than the system of gas lights people were currently using.  

The light bulb provided the vision, figuratively and literally, people needed to see how this new technology could safely add more time to their day.  And make them more efficient by powering appliances and machines that would serve the homeowners.  

Edison understood the power of demonstration when it comes to sales. 

The same is true when trying to sell your own home. 

There are 10,000+ homes listed for sale on any given day in Metro Nashville.  

Consumers are not looking for a house…they want a place that meets their needs and at a price that they can afford.  Most of all, somewhere that feels like home.  

It’s hard for people to describe what home feels like.  But…they know it when they see it.

So it’s my job to know what the market desires, match it with the best features of your house and deliver a vision that gives buyers that loving feeling.

That’s how you make a home stand-out among the thousands online. 

If you have questions about marketing your home, I am here for you.  My digital marketing system brings in significantly more showing appointments than the competition.  

Message me and I share my latest case study with you.

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