It Will Pay You to Read this Article

The cost to install a solar power generating system for your home/business has plummeted over the past few years and the incentives to buy have never been greater.  Due to the combination in price decreases and special incentives from TVA, right now will be the best time to buy a solar power system in your lifetime. 

I know what you are thinking.  Solar is still too expensive and doesn’t work in this part of the country.  What if I told you that solar could pay for itself and put money in your pocket in Tennessee?  

Would that get your attention?

Check out this recent article from National Geographic, Solar Energy Sees Eye Popping Price Drops

And this recent story from Fortune Magazine, Why an Oil Guy Believes Solar has a Big Future

This price drop coupled with the premiums that TVA is paying for solar power is a powerful combination that not only makes solar affordable, but actually pays you to generate electricity.

Here is a copy of a Nashville Electric Service (NES) bill after solar was installed at the company headquarters. 

This could be Your electric bill!

Let me assure you, the efficiency of solar systems have improved exponentially over the last few years.  These are not your Grandma’s solar water heating systems.

Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Investigate Solar Power Today

  1. Solar Power is profitable.
  2. TVA incentives will be expiring soon.
  3. Sell your additional energy to the TVA.
  4. Do your part to save the environment.
  5. Work with the #1 Solar Company in Tennessee with 500+ systems installed.
  6. Turn Key Systems include everything that you need from analysis to installation
  7. Support the local economy
  8. Power rates are on the rise.
  9. Free yourself from fossil fuels.
  10. Low maintenance with a 30 year warranty

In addition to these top reasons, going solar helps you to

  • Save more for retirement and college
  • Quit sending your energy money overseas
  • Increase the life of your roof.
  • Feel good about how your energy money is spent.
  • Avoid potential rate increases due to closing coal plants and trouble overseas

For a FREE analysis of how much money you can save with solar, fill out your contact information below.  

We will provide you with a No Sales Pitch, No Obligation analysis of your home or business.

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